Sofie’s 50th birthday is on the 23rd of December, since that is not an ideal time to gather friends for a jolly happy birthday, there will be an early party performance on the 20th of October at  Kajkrogen  in Sofie’s hometown of Ludvika, Sweden.

Sofie Reed & Friends

Mikael Kähäri  (guitar)

Sofie Johnsson  (fiddle)          

Rolf Ericksson  (contra bass)

Event Date:   Saturday October 20th, 2018

Venue:           Kajkrogen

Tickets:           Kajkrogen’s capacity is limited.

                           In order to secure a seat,  all tickets must be pre-purchased.

                           To purchase your ticket(s) please write to

Ticket Price:  150 kronor/per person

Lodging:         If you are traveling from another city and need a hotel room, we have a deal

                           with Grand Hotel. Further info upon request:

Celebrating Sofie's 50th Birthday:   If you would like to celebrate Sofie's birthday, but unable to attend this event, Sofie has a wish list:

- Love Life!

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