TOUR 2017

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JANUARY  22 - 29 🇺🇸

Lee Oskar Harmonicas  present Sofie Reed on the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise #28

Crows Nest: Tuesday 24th at 5 - 6pm


Sofie is working on her 4th CD in duo with renowned bass player (BB King)  Russell Jackson!  Check HERE  for more info!

APRIL  22 🇺🇸
Fort Collins, Colorado
W.O.L.F. Sanctuary  Annual Fundraiser

Sofie Reed & Friends

with special guest  Lee Oskar  (Lowrider Band)

A medley of Peace & Love grooves!

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MAY 19 - 20 🇸🇪
Tidaholm, Sweden
Dusty Road Blues Festival

MAY 25 🇮🇹

Sofie Reed with special guest BigHarp

Turin, Italy

Jazz Club

JUNE 2 🇮🇹

Sofie Reed with special guest BigHarp

Zoagli (GE), Italy

IL Grottino

JUNE 3 🇮🇹

Sofie Reed with special guest BigHarp

Finale Ligure (SV), Italy

Burgum Finali Cafe

JUNE 8 🇨🇭

Geneva, Switzerland

BAG Blues  JAM!!!

JULY 8 🇺🇸

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo Niagara Blues Festival

✨ New CD Release ✨

Sofie Reed & Russell Jackson

JULY 20 🇸🇪

Stora Skedvi, Sweden

Ateljé Y

Livet & Musik (Life & Music) *
Sofie Reed &  Russell Jackson

* This is a special event in that Sofie will start it off by sharing stories from her colorful life. 2017 marks 30 years since she left Dalecarlia, Sweden, in pursuit to create a life as an artist.

JULY 22 🇸🇪

Sofie Reed &Russell Jackson

Halmstad, Sweden

ROOTS - Norre Port

JULY 23 🇸🇪

Sofie Reed & Russell Jackson

Malmö, Sweden

Garden Concert at Elm Street Music!

JULY 26 🇸🇪

Sofie Reed (solo)

Orust, Sweden

Café Tillsammans

JULY 27 🇸🇪

Sofie Reed &  Russell Jackson

Sommarkväll Vid Timmerhusen

Ed, Sweden

JULY 28 - 29 🇳🇴

Sofie Reed &  Russell Jackson

Drøbak Havneblues

Drøbak, Norway


Sofie Reed & Russell Jackson

Gotland, Sweden


Sofie Reed &  Russell Jackson

Gate, Sweden


Russell Jackson  Bass SEMINAR!

Tidaholm, Sweden


Sofie Reed & Russell Jackson

Gamla Pump Huset - Karlskoga, Sweden

AUGUST 11 🇸🇪

Sofie Reed & Russell Jackson

Sjösidan, Åmål, Sweden

AUGUST 12 🇸🇪

Sofie Reed &  Russell Jackson

ROSLAGEN PRIDE - Norrtälje, Sweden


Sofie Reed

Colorado Music & Media for Houston!

The Oriental Theater - Denver, CO

OCTOBER 13-14  🇺🇸

Sofie Reed

Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival  - Milford, CT

Performance and Workshop

OCTOBER  21 🇺🇸

Sofie Reed

Private House Concert - Denver, CO

A few previous performances...

Billy Bob's, Disneyland, Paris, France

Otis Taylor Trans Blues Festival, CO, USA
Blues Cafe Live, l'Isle d'Abeau, France

Malmö Music Festival, Sweden
Snowy Range Music Festival  WY, USA
Le Buis Blues Festival - Le Buis, France
BAG Blues - Geneva, Switzerland
Åmål Blues Festival - Åmål, Sweden
Ain 't Nothing But The Blues - London, UK
Buckleys Roots and Blues Joint - Oslo, Norway
Slussens Pensionat - Orust, Sweden
Gilgamesh Blues Festival - Turin, Italy
Big Mama - Rome, Italy
The Essex Arms - Brentwood, UK
Art Outside - Austin, Texas, USA
Alexander Platz - Rome, Italy
Akkurat, Stockholm, Sweden

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Videos & Projects

  • Glitter Girl3:32
  • Earth Song4:41
  • Have A Good Time (Paul Simon)3:16
  • Tell Me (Sofie Reed & Russell Jackson)4:21
  • Who's Got Your Soul (Sofie Reed)3:53
  • Love Can See You Now (Sofie Reed)3:55
  • Red Hen3:24
  • A Little Bit More3:37
  • Leaving This Morning2:44
  • One Day3:26
  • Owl 3:33
  • How You Flow4:11
  • Simplicity Chased Trouble Away3:29
  • Outside The City 3:32