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Photo by Com'on Kustom Lewis Barlet

You could call her music Roots-Blues or Folk-Blues... or even Roots-Appalachian with a Dalecarlian twist. Or you could not call it at all – but you can feel it.

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Soulful, spunky, raw and refreshing, Swedish born and raised – Sofie Reed.

Sofie is a Vocalist, Composer and Visionary formatted into a One-Woman-Band. She plays harmonica, McSpadden Mountain Dulcimers, lap steel guitar, ukulele.. and she stomps her foot on an old wooden wine box!

Sofie's third song-collection RED HEN is out! You can order a CD here TODAY... or purchase a digital download at Bandcamp. Red Hen will soon be available on downloading sites such as iTunes, as well as at CDBaby...

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