Leaving This Morning written by Ma Rainey and Thelma Davis
ala ©Sofie Reed

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About Sofie Reed
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Soulful, spunky, raw and refreshing, Swedish born and raised – Sofie Reed.

Sofie is a Vocalist, Composer and Visionary formatted into a One-Woman-Band. She plays dulcimer, lap steel guitar and harmonica.. and stomps her foot too!

You could call her music Roots-Blues or Folk-Blues... or even Roots-Appalachian with a Dalecarlian twist. Or –  you could not call it at all. But you can feel it.

What's exciting... is that Sofie sold MORE than 1,000 copies of Simplicity Chased Trouble Away in LESS than one year!

 Sofie's got another CD in the works..
..to be released 05/2014.

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