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Cover photo by Com'n Kustom ©Lewis Barlet 2014

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Sofie Reed is a multi-talented artist who gives so much of herself as a performer. With varied talents as an incredible, soulful singer and instrumentalist, Sofie also plays the harmonica. She is a phenomenal one-woman band!  Her sense of rhythm, phrasing and overall artistry make her one of the most interesting artists on the international music scene today. I'm thrilled that she plays Lee Oskar Harmonicas as she sure knows how to bring my favorite instrument to life with finesse, flair and great feeling.   - Lee Oskar

Below is an online music player with a mix of songs from Sofie's three CD collections. This player may not work in mobile mode... you can then conveniently visit Sofie's BandCamp site and listen to ALL of her recordings... get yourself a digital download or order CDs at 

  • Red Hen3:24
  • One Day3:26
  • Owl 3:33
  • How You Flow4:11
  • Leaving This Morning2:44
  • Fallen Star4:42
  • Glitter Girl2:53
  • When The Saints Go Marching In3:04
  • Simplicity Chased Trouble Away3:29
  • Baby Boo Got Gone5:37
  • Outside The City 3:32
  • Box Of Prayers5:15
  • Take A Step3:21