On Tour

Sofie will be joined by mesmerizing artist, performer and fiddle player  Anne Harrisas well as groove master bass player  Mark A Haynes.

Stay Tuned

Sofie Reed & Anne Harris are collaborating on a new exciting project!

A Book: One Woman Band

Sofie's outlining her journey from Sweden to the States with help of  ghost writer Tony Balogh - available in Swedish early summer 2018.

The Online Music Players  (right) might not work on your cellphone... you can then visit Sofie's  BandCamp  site and listen to most of her released recordings there - aside 2017 release: Rocky Road...

Music Store: CDBaby.com 

  • A Little Bit More3:37
  • Glitter Girl3:32
  • Have A Good Time (Paul Simon)3:16
  • Tell Me (Sofie Reed & Russell Jackson)4:21
  • Who's Got Your Soul (Sofie Reed)3:53
  • Love Can See You Now (Sofie Reed)3:55
  • Red Hen3:24
  • Dragonfly Goodbye3:09
  • Earth Song4:41
  • How You Flow4:11
  • One Day3:26
  • Owl 3:33
  • Leaving This Morning2:44
  • Simplicity Chased Trouble Away3:29

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Sofie's got a recording contract in the UK!


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