The Online Music Players  (right) might not work on your cellphone... you can then visit Sofie's  BandCamp  site and listen to most of her released recordings there - aside 2017 release: Rocky Road...

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  • A Little Bit More3:37
  • Glitter Girl3:32
  • Have A Good Time (Paul Simon)3:16
  • Tell Me (Sofie Reed & Russell Jackson)4:21
  • Who's Got Your Soul (Sofie Reed)3:53
  • Love Can See You Now (Sofie Reed)3:55
  • Red Hen3:24
  • Dragonfly Goodbye3:09
  • Earth Song4:41
  • How You Flow4:11
  • One Day3:26
  • Owl 3:33
  • Leaving This Morning2:44
  • Simplicity Chased Trouble Away3:29

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Sofie's got a recording contract in the UK!


A Book: One Woman Band

Sofie's outlining her journey from Sweden to the States with help of  ghost writer Tony Balogh - available in Swedish early summer 2018.

Song below: WISH FREE to be released later 2018. Written by Sofie Reed and Mark A Haynes.